Remember how important and special this purchase is, it is so much more than an investment in a beautiful piece of fine jewelry.

This is an heirloom to be passed down one day to your children and so on. This is why you want only the best quality and craftsmanship so that it will last generations.

Our promise to you is our quality and our service along with all of the maintenance, inspections, cleanings, stone tightening, sizing this is all done in house.

We only work on fine jewelry that is purchased from our store.

If you choose to buy online or at a box store you will have no service with your purchase. You will be left to seek out and search for someone to size, clean, tighten stones, replace stone, fix prongs, etc.

We only work and service our fine jewelry purchased from our store so that you get that exceptional service and care that you deserve when making such an important purchase.