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Split Shank Engagement Rings in Anchorage, AK

There’s a certain elegance in the appearance of multiple bands. Sometimes, more is actually more, and as the bands stack up on your fingers, ornamental next to ornamental, you’re forced to pay attention to the little details and the intricate beauty of the ring(s) at hand.

That’s part of the allure of the split shank style, rings that have bands that defy the normal singular and linear route. Free to express themselves in whichever which way they please, split shank bands usually contain two or three segments that branch out from the sides of the band and twist or curve until reaching the center stone. We at Michaels Jewelers love this adventurous style and feature a variety of versions from only the finest designers.

Armenian-Romanian born designer Haig Tacorian and his children, Paul and Nadine, head the amazing team behind the renowned Los Angeles based jewelers, Tacori. In this 18k White Gold Petite Crescent Engagement Ring, a round cut diamond is encircled by a dazzling halo of pave diamonds. Around midway up the band, the shank splits into two diamond-studded segments that fan their way outwards and upwards until reaching the elevated centerpiece.

On the profile of the band, Tacori’s famous half-heart shaped crescent silhouette lines the top portion of the band with mini diamond studs. For added extravagance, an ovular diamond-studded and the beaded shape holds the centerpiece up high for better viewing. Truly a masterpiece, the band features the famous Tacori signature on the bottom right of the band to remind you of the love put into your treasured piece.

Growing up in California with jeweler parents, the brothers behind Parade Design, Allen & William Pung, started their own company in 2001. The two brothers’ differing stylistic views meet perfectly to create complex but simple designs in harmony. From their Lyria Collection, the brothers give us this stunning 18k Two-Tone Gold Engagement Ring.

With a base in white gold, the band, too, features pave diamonds in a scalloped setting about midway up the band. The difference here is that as the shank levels out with the center stone, it follows the outline of the round cut diamond and floats around it on both sides, with the center stone acting as the sparkling pupil of the studded eyelids.

Intricately intertwined around the shanks and the centerpiece is a thin rod of rose gold that ends with a gorgeous leaf design. While not technically a split shank ring, the way that both sides of the shank flair out in their own rhythm give out the same illusion of multiple bands that defines the style.

A more simple approach to the split shank style, Parade gives us a delicate engagement band from the Hemera Collection. In a scallop setting, the diamond-studded band splits into two and merges at the top to form a wide oval shape, finished off with a cluster of round diamonds on either side of the center stone. The gorgeous Lyria Signature Crown, created to showcase the eternal beauty of a diamond, holds together the dazzling round cut diamond in a bright display.


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