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Bypass Engagement Rings in Anchorage, AK

With their one of a kind curvature and eye catching way they hold the center stone, Bypass engagement rings are a remarkable way to make your commitment stand out amongst the rest. Following their own path, these bands are perfect for brides that aren’t defined by rules and traditions but have their own individual style that calls for a ring that is just as unique as they are.

Characterized by the band’s non linear movement towards the center stone, the shank follows its namesake and bypasses the stone, bending ever so slightly to hug the diamond at the top and bottom. We here at Michaels Jewelers love this contemporary style for the elegance it exudes, and that’s why we feature a number of designers’ interpretations just for you.

Based in California, brothers Allen and William Pung of Parade Design grew up in the jewelry business themselves, giving them an intrinsic talent at creating one of a kind pieces. The award winning duo perfectly balances sleek, clean lines with complex, adventurous designs to create intricate but harmonious engagement rings. In their bypass style, the brand utilizes both 18k white and yellow gold to create curvatures in the band that give the optical illusion of a halo.

As the diamond studded shanks move upwards, they follow the curves of the center diamond and hug it ( be it loosely or tightly) to give the appearance of a larger center stone. Gleaming with an elegance that represents the tastes of both brothers, Parade Designs is a dazzling go to for bypass engagement rings.

For perhaps a more adventurous approach to the style, the family operated Steven Kretchmer utilizes a setting that many designers don’t dare touch; the tension setting. Defined by the lack of wires or prongs, this setting holds the diamond in place simply with the strength and compression of the band itself.

Secured by pressure and heat treated metal, a tension setting holds a center stone just as safely as a traditional prong setting. What makes this setting even more sought after, is that without any other metal below or around the diamond to obstruct the reflection of light, the brilliance is allowed to go even further, resulting in better shine.

Steven Kretchmer's bypass engagement rings come in a variety of tension setting styles in both 18k white and yellow gold. For an even more unique look, the designer offers bypass rings in bands studded with diamonds in the rarely seen flush setting, with some even featuring flush sapphire’s as well. As the bands curve to create their own unique shape, the designer utilizes round cut, trillion cut, marquise, and emerald cut diamonds to demonstrate the magnificence available with bypass engagement rings.

For a bypass engagement ring like no other, Michael’s Jewelers is the premier destination in Anchorage. Available in different styles and featuring different designers, our careful curation of pieces was made especially for you, and we’re positive you’re going to love what we choose together. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are waiting in our beautiful showroom to find the perfect match for you. We can’t wait to put a beautiful smile on her face.


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